Frank Gerwer Interview

Gerwer forside

"End of interview. That is the stupidest question in my whole life."

Frank Gerwer fik et par spørgsmål over mailen. De mest interessante svarede han ikke på.


Hi Frank, how are you doing?

Pass on that one


Your age?

Intet svar.


Have you ever used you nose to interact with other human beings in interesting ways?

Intet svar.


Your skate career in five sentences?

Hmm…I can sum it up for you in three.


Gerwer fs 180


How did you end up on Anti Hero?

I think there was a sling-shot involved.


I have heard you described as the teams hype man. Is it true? And what´s a hype man?

Like a white Flavor Flave? – I guess thats what a hype man is.  No.  I just get hyped


Who is the oldest teenager in skateboarding?

All of us


Who is the biggest jerk in skateboarding?

Youre talking to him


Which of the young guns inspire you through their skating?

I like Massimo [Cavedoni]


Do we have a scooter problem in Europe?

Razor scooters? I dont know, I dont live there. I should ask you that question


Why do you skate?

End of interview. That is the stupidest question in my whole life.

Let me ask you something – why do YOU skate?

I guess if i have to answer it - For Girlllllls.


Do you still learn new tricks?

Intet svar.


In the footy of your Wallenberg kickflip – Wallenberg looks kind of small. Do we have some kind of moon landing hoax going on here?

Intet svar.



How did you get the idea to kickflip the shit?

Really?  Next question?


What did you think, when you saw the tricks done at Back to the Berg?

Amazing! Sick.


Did you ever consider doing something else at the spot?

Yeah they got good ledges – I go skate there a lot


What is the future of skateboarding?

Snake, Raze, and Flowin’ yeah baby. Circluar Boards with caster wheels


What about your future?

Listen to the Sex Pistols


Gerwer hippie jump


What is your biggest achievement in skateboarding?

Me me me me me me, iiiiiiiiiii, me.


Your top three skaters of all time?

Mick E Reyes – bad ass og street skater. Style.

Mark Gonzales – do i have to explain?

Lance Mountain – he makes skating fun.


Top three noses in skating?

Alex Olsen – Super handsome.

Dylan Rieder – Holding down handsome.

Lizard – Extra handsome.


Anything else?

You guys melted my brain with this weird interview


Tak til Mario Miller fra C1RCA for billeder og kontakt til Frank.