Jake Phelps Interview


Jake Phelps fra Thrasher har svaret på et par spørgsmål fra skateboard.dk

Af Mads Matzon

Foto Ole Rauff 

Hi Jake, how are you doing?


You are the fourth Yankee, we interview for skateboard.dk. The first three were: Duncan, Ben Schroeder and Benji Galloway (he was banned from Thrasher, right?). Do you feel honoured to be in the company of these fine gentlemen?
Schroeder, yes. And let it here be known that I'm not a dagger, I'm not an SF dagger, not a so cal dagger. I'm not a fucking dagger. Hell ride bitch!

Why did you ban Galloway, and what does a ban mean?
It means cut. Look up cut in the fucking dictionary.

How and when did you get involved with Thrasher?
August 1985. Kevin Thatcher needed a light for his joint and I happened to be with him. After two tokes he said: "I want you to write for the mag".

How are things working out for the magazine in print? Do you still sell some, or is it all about the internet these days?
Well actually we're showing up our print media with our backdoor love affair with the internet. Printed matter will always be relevant. The internet just created a cyber society of consumeristic locusts. You wanna know who did what when now, go buy the fucking mag! We save the best stuff for the mag.

What do you do on the mag? It seems like you’re the face to the outside world.
Brand loyalty, I guess. Actually I write quippish captions, travel for free, and get paid ridiculously. Sounds like fun? sucker.

Did you mourn the death of Big Brother?
That's a reality show?

Does skateboarding keep feeling fresh to you, or do you feel it’s going in circles sometimes?
Skateboarding is as skateboarding does. You’re a clown if you sit in your cubicle and think about what skateboarding is gonna do cause its already been there. Its as new and fresh as your last wheelbite or car that honked at you. Skateboarding is alive. How many people in your life are dead? all of them.

Who is the most underrated skater of all times, and why?
I would say Phil Shao cause nobody really got to see him, and I got to witness him firsthand.

Worst fashion item in skating ever?

I interviewed Duncan, and he told me that he would consider going for the Mega Ramp if some insurance issues got cleared. Do you believe him?
Meatballs don't bounce.

Who is best on a mike; D.D. or Schaefer?
Too Short.

Because he's a lyrical lord master.

Did you know that ´Schaefer´ is the Danish word for a German Shepherd?
Woof woof.

Back in the eighties there were a lot of pictures of frontside grinds in all the skate mags. What was the frontside grind of the nineties, and what is of the new millennium?
The 90's would've been illusion flips. And the aughts would've been big flips.

Have you considered doing a frontside grind-only issue? How would you do it?

No, and I wouldn’t.

Who has the best frontside grind?

You almost got shot in ´97. What happened?
Baby bangers comin up in the game.

Worst and best experience you’ve had because of skating?
Any trip to the hospital is the best. Supervised drug inducement. The worst is the pigs.

Tell us something you do, that’s completely not skate related. Do you collect stamps or anything?
Jackin off on your mom's gravesite.

What about a good drinking story?
Okay I was in Australia just last month, 12 days, $3000 worth of beer. Top it.

Bad Shit played in Copenhagen last year. What did you do here besides playing the gig?
It's like PC-13.Tales of Gnarnia. Watched Caswell's face molt in front of me. Hung out with Rune.

King of the Road seems to be a great success. Have you considered doing an European version?
Only if you're paying.

Any last words?
Life sucks die today.